Bet The Bust®

Bet The Bust is Blackjack Plus - a new game that is changing the way Blackjack is played. It gives your players the excitement of betting twice on every hand of Blackjack they play; their first bet on beating the dealer before the cards are dealt and their second bet on the dealer busting once they see the dealer's up card. So when your players Bet The Bust, they are not betting in the blind - they get to see the dealer's up card, then Bet The Bust.

Bet The Bust & Bet The Bust 4-5-6

There are two versions of Bet The Bust that can be offered to your players. Bet The Bust 4-5-6 allows players to make their second bet when the dealer's up card is a 4-5-6 and pays the players even money. Bet The Bust lets the players make a second bet no matter what the dealer is showing and features a pay table.

They Love The Action.
You'll Love The Hold!

How would you like to give your players a bet they'll love with a 9.63 average house advantage? Bet The Bust is the only Blackjack game that lets players bet the dealer will bust after they've seen the dealer's up card. Here is a bet that needs no explanation, will excite your players and will pay off for the house in higher hold percentages!

How The Game Is Played

Bet The Bust (Full Version)

The player must place an initial Blackjack bet in order to play.
The Bet The Bust bet may be placed against any dealer up card, after all players have received their cards and the dealer has received an up card.

If the dealer's up card is a ten-value card or an Ace, the bet is allowed after the dealer checks for Blackjack.

If the dealer does not have Blackjack, the player can now place a Bet The Bust wager against any dealer up card Ace - King, up to their original Blackjack bet.

The dealer should ask the players if they wish to place the bet, similar as to asking them if they want insurance.

The player wins the Bet The Bust bet if one or more players remain in the hand and the dealer busts his hand, in which case the side bet is paid according to the pay table.

If all players hands have been resolved before the dealer needs to act on their hand, any Bet The Bust wagers are considered a push.

The player loses the bet if one or more players remain in the game and the dealers hand totals 17, 18, 19, 20 or 21.

Bet The Bust 4-5-6 (The Base Version)

The other version is exactly the same except the Bet The Bust wager is only offered when the dealer has an up card of 4, 5 or 6. In this version, there is no pay table and all winning bets are paid even money.