Consulting Testimonials

"Bob's level of knowledge is extraordinary.  His poise and approach is top notch.  Even though he knows so much, he leaves his audience feeling enriched, but not inadequate.  His approach to facilitation keeps the audience fully engaged and participatory. Whenever I am asked for my opinion on the best in the business, it is without compunction that I recommend Bob to my closest colleagues and counterparts.'

Bob Guidice
Vice President Table Games
Harrah's Chester


What Bob's Students Have to Say...

"Overall, I feel a privilege to have attended this class today.  The tools I learned will accompany me throughout my career in Surveillance.'

"Bob took a lifetime of information and packed it into a three- hour presentation.  My view of the Table Supervisors role has changed to say the least.  I learned what it takes from a table games perspective on how to increase profit within the casino by doing the little things that go a long way.'

"I enjoyed attending Bob's training class. He seemed to be some one who really enjoyed teaching the class and even stayed after for anyone who had questions.'

"I learned better ways to raise revenue for Table Games and how the games can be more efficient.'