MAXTime® is a product currently used on over 10,000 Blackjack games throughout the world. It enables casinos to deal "Las Vegas" style Blackjack and it dramatically increases revenue by the additional hands dealt per hour, when compared to casinos not dealing or checking the hold card.

Make the move to MAXTime® and realize a significant difference in not only your bottom line but also in customer satisfaction and employee relations, all with ironclad security.

The addition of MAXTime® to your Blackjack games will speed up play, maximize security and increase your bottom line. Fully functional on shoe or hand held games, MAXTime® eliminates the time wasted dealing out hits, splits, double down cards and extra shuffles which occur when the dealer does not receive or check the hole card.

Approximately 5% of all hands dealt in the game of 21 result in a dealer Blackjack. Over 30% of hands where the dealer shows an Ace result in Blackjack and almost 8% of hands where the dealer shows a ten value card result in Blackjack.

Casino rules that preclude the dealer from checking, or being dealt a hole card cost the casino an enormous loss in revenue due to the loss in productivity - as much as two dozen or more hands per table, per hour due to the inherent delay in dealing the game and the increased shuffling engendered by such a procedure .

That loss in productivity equates to a direct loss of revenue and profit, since the casino statistically wins a percentage of every wager per hand over time. Casinos in Quebec and Princess cruise lines have reported Blackjack revenue increases of 15% to 20% after making the move to MAXTime®.

MAXTime® is found money! Consider the number of 21 tables you operate, the average utilization of those tables during each shift, the average numbers of players per table, the average bet per hand and the percentage you hold for every dollar bet and you will quickly see how MAXTime® increases your bottom line through better usage of your table time.