MAXTime® 4H™

The Next Generation in Table Game Security & Increased Profits!

MAXTime® 4H™ does more than Speed Up Play, Increase Player Satisfaction and Maximize Profits. It provides the highest level of Table Game Protection and Security available today.

The MAXTime® 4H™ Difference

-Units are always in the correct position to provide the ultimate in game security.
-Dealer friendly unit placement maximizes speed on the game.
-Faster and easier installation and change outs.
-Dual locking lid.
-Polycarbonate shatter proof glass.
-Framed in 10 and 16 gauge reinforced steel.
-8 mounting screws make chip tray more secure.
-RFID friendly.
-Available in all standard MAXTime® colors.
-MAXTime® product reliability.
-Tech Art customer service promise.

Make the move to MAXTime® 4H™ and realize an increase in your bottom line and improved customer and employee satisfaction - all with IRONCLAD SECURITY!

U.S. and Foreign Patent Pending