Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is MAXTime® 4H™?

A: MAXTime® 4H™ is the next generation in table game security and increased profits!
It does more than speed up play, increase player satisfaction and maximize profits. It provides the highest level of table game protection and security possible.


Q: How does MAXTime® 4H™ differ from Tech Art's MAXTime® product?

A: The New MAXTime® 4H™ card reader is mounted directly into the front of the chip tray rather than separately on the table game top. By incorporating the MAXTime® 4H™ card reader into the chip tray, the units are always in the correct position to provide the ultimate in game security. Positioning the MAXTime® 4H™ card reader in the chip tray also makes it easier for the dealer to use and thereby speeds up the game.


Q: Are there any other major differences between the New MAXTime® 4H™ and MAXTime® products?

A: Yes. By incorporating the MAXTime® 4H™ card reader into the chip tray, you no longer need to separately install the MAXTime® card reader into the table game top. This makes installing and changing out MAXTime® 4H™ an easy, one-step process.


Q: How secure is the MAXTime® 4H™ chip tray?

A: VERY SECURE! The MAXTime® 4H™ chip tray features a dual locking lid, polycarbonate shatter proof glass, 10 and 16 gauge reinforced steel framing and 8 mounting screws for the ultimate in chip tray security.


Q: What colors are available for the New MAXTime® 4H™ product?

A: MAXTime® 4H™ is available in all of the standard MAXTime® colors.


Q: Do I have to switch to the New MAXTime® 4H™ product?

A: No. You are welcome to continue utilizing our popular MAXTime® product, and will enjoy the same service and support you have come to expect from Tech Art.

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