MAXTime® Testimonials

"We immediately noticed an increase in decisions per hour in some cases up to 25%. This brought our bottom line figures on blackjack up tremendously and allowed us to increase table game capacity and eventually increase our limits."

Rick Howe
Former Casino Manager, Bally's Las Vegas


Princess Cruise Lines addressed the issue of flat revenues and passenger disinterest in casino play by surveying customers, which led management to change to American-style blackjack; but only after addressing the issue of hole card protection. Princess Cruised has seen a dramatic rise in the volume of blackjack play, in some instances by as much as 20%." is pleased with the increase in blackjack play that we categorically attribute to the change in procedures."

Edmund Millar
Head of Casino Operations, Princess Cruise Lines


In 1997, Puerto Rico altered regulations permitting a change in blackjack dealing procedures from English style to American style. Their only reservation was game protection. John Fucille, Puerto Rico's largest distributor of casino products, has been inundated with requests for the Tech Art MAXTime® hole card reader, which fully addressed the problem.


In Quebec, the casino regulatory commission changed the law to permit American style play. This change was brought about as a result of lobbying efforts by casino operators who pointed to the success of casinos in Montreal in contrast to stagnant casino revenues in Quebec. The change resulted in increased revenues from blackjack by as much as 15%, while casinos win percentage remained constant. Decisions per table, per hour, increased 15% with no decrease in casino advantage.


The greater house edge in English style play is largely illusory. It is more than offset by the efficiency and productivity of the American style game.

Hole card readers address the only other perceived advantage of English-style Blackjack, game security. The MAXTime® hole card reader manufactured and distributed by Tech Art is the choice of most casino operators because of its simplicity, reliability, size and ease of use.