Tech Art Super Fun 21®

Warning! Dealing Super Fun 21® will lead to hold percentages
above 20% and excessive player excitement!

Everyone knows that single-deck (or double-deck) blackjack games produce large drops with low-hold percentages and many protection problems. We designed SUPER FUN 21 to make single-deck (or double-deck) blackjack more appealing, easier to catch mistakes and virtually eliminate counting and card marking. We believe this will give an opportunity to casinos that either presently offer or are hesitant to deal single-deck (or double-deck) blackjack games another way to create more excitement and profits. SUPER FUN 21 is being dealt successfully in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada, California, Oklahoma, Washington, Iowa and Indiana.

It has been approved in Mississippi, Michigan, Missouri and Arizona. You can see SUPER FUN 21 being dealt at TECH ART's website,, and clicking on SUPER FUN 21.

SUPER FUN 21 may be dealt with one through eight fifty-two card decks, with all the players' cards being dealt face up. The house derives the only advantage (approximately 2.3%) from the even-money payoff of non-diamond player blackjacks. In order to make the game fair and appealing, we offer many attractive and fun options and rules that favor the player.